Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery

Eyelids may be delicate, but they serve the vital role of protecting eye and vision health—and impact how we look to the outside world.

With our expertise and compassionate approach to care, Jones Eye Clinic is uniquely positioned to offer this life-changing procedure to clients who have eyelid damage due to trauma or medical conditions.

What is reconstructive eyelid surgery?

Reconstructive eyelid surgeries are procedures to correct upper and lower eyelid malpositions or defects from disease conditions, cancer removal, trauma, or congenital anomalies.

This complicated surgery requires extensive training, experience, and comprehensive consultation, and the approach is unique to each patient’s needs. Depending on the degree and location of the damage, reconstruction can typically be done with a variety of tissue flaps and grafts to create the most natural look possible.

Who can benefit from reconstructive eyelid surgery?

Patient may have one or more of the following conditions that require consultation.

  • Droopy eyelids due to excessive tissue (dermatochalasis) or muscle weakness (ptosis)
  • Eyelid turning in (entropion) or out (ectropion)
  • Misdirected eyelashes (trichiasis)
  • Eyelid and facial tumors
  • Eyelid and facial lacerations
  • Eye brow malposition (brow ptosis)
  • Facial nerve palsy
  • Tearing disorders

Consultation is required to determine if a candidate has any severe medical or eye conditions that could impact healing and if reconstruction is possible.

What results should I expect and when?

Healing and the appearance of final results depend on the defect’s location and extent. A full consultation with our team will help determine the approach, the expected results, and how long healing might take.

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